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Aerodrom parking is a public parking service, only one minute away from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

Aerodrom parking is a public parking service, only one minute away from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, which is very important considering the time-consuming procedures  regarding the flight, well known to anyone who frequently uses airline services. This parking lot, close to Belgrade airport, will allow you to be comfortable and to get to the airport in your car, and therefore spare yourself the trouble of using other means of transport, which are certainly less reliable and less convenient.

Do you go on your flight thinking about where to leave your car? Are you worried about whether your vehicle will be safe and in the same place where you left it? Having recognized that many people are preoccupied with such thoughts, we opened Aerodrom parking, a place which will put your worries to rest and allow you to travel completely calm.  Everyone knows how tiresome it can be to ask your friends or relatives to drop you off when you depart or pick you up when you return. No matter how much you pay, and how much gratitude you show, you still have the feeling that you owe them. To rely on drivers means to risk conflicting plans. By using the Airport parking services you will avoid the possibility of someone taking over a part of the realization of your journey and you will remain free to plan departure time yourself. An additional risk when relying on other drivers, regardless of whether they are the first or second option, is that you can never be certain the vehicle is in good working order, whereas you are mostly familiar with the performance and potential defects of your car.

What do we offer? In the first place, the working hours of the parking service are 24 hours seven days a week. This allows you not to limit yourself to early arrivals, but to sit in the car when it suits you best. The next item is the safety of your car. To ensure the highest possible level of safety, the entire area of  Aerodrom parking is fenced with an opaque fence and thus completely protected against potential uwanted looks. In order to increase the safety of your vehicle, we have taken additional precautions. Aerodrom parking is guarded by professional security guards. It is well lit and equipped with video surveillance system 24 hours 7 days a week. This means that, as our customer, you can visit our website using your device (phone, tablet, or computer) and see your vehicle in real time at any time and be assured in its safety.

When you already decide to use your own vehicle for transportation, you must keep in mind that parking in the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport parking lot can be risky for several reasons. It often happens that all parking spaces are occupied and you have to wait for some space to vacate in order to park. It is very stressful to think both about this problem and the fact that the moment of flight is nearing. By choosing Aerodrom parking  you will avoid these problems. The place you book is provided. In addition to potential troubles with parking space, there is also the fact that this service can be quite expensive, sometimes these costs can be compared to the prices of the airline services themselves, provided you need to keep the car for a long period of time in the parking lot. If you want to verify, you can inform yourself about prices and compare them, and afterwards you will conclude what is more profitable. What is more important is that nobody will guarantee for the safety of your vehicle in the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport parking lot, which puts you in the situation to worry about what to expect when you return.

One of the most important questions is how to book your parking space at Aerodrom parking. You will do this by filling the reservation form on our website or by dialing +381 64 0805 876. In addition to online reservations and classic phone calls, our customers can book their parking space via Viber and WhatsApp applications by calling or sending a message. You can book at any time day or night. Our parking near the airport is at your service 24 hours a day every day. In addition to personal data, the most important information for us is the date and precise time of leaving and taking your car, so that your parking space is booked on time. When it comes to leaving your car, there are two options. One is to drive the car to Aerodrom parking, after which you will be provided with transport to the terminal. We emphasize that transport from parking to terminal and back is free. The second option is to get to the terminal with the car, where we can take it. It is not mandatory, but it is advisable to indicate the city from which the plane departs or flight number because there is sometimes a delay in flights. In order to prevent long-term waiting for our drivers at the Airport, with the help of this information we inform you about the landing of your aiplane, which allows us to send our drivers to you at the right time.

What will be pleasing to you is certainly the fact that all our customers who book parking for 5 days or more receive free car wash in Vukić car wash. The car wash is a part of Aerodrom parking, and it is trustworthy due to its decade long tradition. For reservations that last less than five days, our customers have the opportunity to get a full service car wash for only 400 dinars.

It is enough to make a reservation before your trip by filling the reservation form or calling us on this number: +381 64 08 05 876 and a member of our staff will meet you and guide you to your parking space.

It is not mandatory, but it is important because the driver sometimes has to wait due to flight delays.

Aerodrom parking is a public parking service, only three minutes away from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

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