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About us

Pioneers of the airport parking service

The Aerodrom Parking company was founded in 2008 and is engaged in car security. Aerodrom Parking has 5 parking lots with a total capacity of 1500 vehicles, the largest of which has a capacity of 1000 vehicles only 1 minute away from the Nikola Tesla Airport terminal. The service is designed to save time and money for passengers traveling by car to Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport, the main business model being most similar to the park and fly system, which gained its popularity back in 1967. At that time, Atlanta provided travelers with a convenient and secure parking service, with the concept targeting travelers who frequently traveled on business.

Since 2016, affordable parking is also available at Belgrade Airport

Today, this service is available on a global level and, since 2016 and the establishment of Aerodrom Parking, the possibility of convenient and safe airport parking was made available to passengers of Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport. We can proudly say that by 2019, tens of thousands of satisfied customers have used our services, and apart from individuals, Aerodrom Parking has been recognized as a reliable partner to many domestic and foreign companies and travel agencies.

10 years of Autoperionica Vukić experience as a guarantee of quality


The company has many years of experience providing car parking and maintenance services to the largest global car rental companies, and a whole decade of professional service by our car wash company, Autoperionice Vukić, was an excellent starting point for the opening of a new company, i.e., Aerodrom Parking. Today, after division and separation, both companies are leaders in their branches constantly striving to improve and perfect the services they provide.

Professionalism and maximum customer commitment

To make it easier for all users to travel from Nikola Tesla Airport, Aerodrom Parking has introduced daily additional services and, through a blog on the official website, educates users with the aim of helping travelers to acquire all the information they may need if they opt for the air transport service. 

Aleksandar Vukić

CEO at Aerodrom Parking

Director aerodrom parking